The Brown Family

  The Brown Family

“How did you become a Prosthetist?” is a common question for Chase Brown, CPO and founder of Capital Prosthetics & Orthotics. It’s a question he enjoys answering because the response reveals quite a remarkable story.

The story begins on Chase’s 13th birthday when his mom took him and a few friends to a skateboard park in Dallas, TX. While skating, Chase noticed that one of the other kids at the park was exceptionally talented. When Chase realized that the kid was wearing a prosthetic leg, he was filled with inspiration. A seed was planted in Chase at this young age and he dreamed of being able to create prosthetics that would allow people with disabilities to live active lifestyles and pursue their dreams, just like the kid at the skateboard park. (The “kid” was actually Jon Comer who went on to become a professional skateboarder).  

After graduating from Texas A&M University, Chase realized that he didn’t feel passionate about the work he was doing in the business world. He and his fiance Meagan began dreaming about what their future could look like if they pursued their dreams and passions. Remembering the inspiration he felt as a teenager in the park, Chase shared his dream about working in prosthetics. Soon afterward, Chase quit his business job to pursue a degree in Prosthetics & Orthotics from UT Southwestern Allied Health School.

Several years later while living in Rochester, NY for Chase’s residency in Prosthetics at Strong Memorial Hospital, Meagan learned about the unfolding orphan crisis in Ethiopia. At the time, Meagan had many clients from Ethiopia through her work in refugee resettlement and she felt a personal connection to that region of Africa. As Chase and Meagan learned more about adoption, their hearts were moved to adopt a child from Ethiopia. Because of Chase’s passion for working with amputees, they specifically requested to be matched with an amputee child. Just a few months later their dreams were realized and Chase and Meagan adopted their first child, Elias. Elias was born with a severe leg deformity that required amputation six months after the Browns brought him home. A few months following the surgery Chase made Elias his very first prosthetic leg and he has been walking and running ever since!

After adopting Elias, Chase and Meagan immediately began the process to adopt another amputee child from Ethiopia. The adoption process was a very lengthy five year wait and the Browns often felt like giving up. During the waiting period, Meagan gave birth to their daughter Merin. Although life was full with two children, they knew that their family was not yet complete. Finally they were matched with Tessa, a beautiful one-year-old girl from Ethiopia who was born missing both legs and her right arm. Tessa does not wear prosthetics but zooms around in her bright yellow wheelchair, capturing the hearts of everyone around her

Chase and Meagan Brown are passionate about giving every opportunity to their children to live vibrant and full lives. While Elias and Tessa certainly experience challenges and barriers,  the Browns work together to find ways to go above and beyond every obstacle they encounter.

This passion is what creates the unique foundation of Capital Prosthetics & Orthotics. It is built on compassion for people and a partnership with patients to overcome barriers and achieve goals. Raising children who experience the challenges of living with a disability gives the Browns an intimate understanding of the needs of their patients and those who care for them. Capital Prosthetics & Orthotics is dedicated to giving patients the care they need by using the best technology available to develop solutions that optimize the lives of people with disabilities.